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ADHD assessment and treatment

ADHD assessments are conducted by trained psychologists. If treatment is recommended, an appointment can be booked with our neurodiversity coaching team and/or our psychiatry team.

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Neurodiversity Coaching

Neurodiversity Coaching is available to anyone and does not require a diagnosis. Sessions are tailored to suit the needs of each client.

It can help create strategies and routines that can be used to manage challenges related to ADHD symptoms.
Coaching involves creating strategies around common challenges experienced by neurodiverse individuals, their families, and their schools, including:

  • Inattention and forgetfulness
  • Inflexibility, stubbornness, and avoidance
  • Regulating emotions and controlling impulses
  • Organising self, planning, and managing time
  • Creating healthy lifestyle habits


ADHD Assessment (adult)

  • Psychometric Screening
  • Assessment
  • Report

ADHD Assessment (child)

  • Psychometric Screening
  • Diagnostic Interview
  • Assessment + Report

Neurodiversity Coaching

  • Individually tailored coaching sessions
$115.00 per hour

Our Neurodiversity Clinic Team

Anthony Morrison

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tom Levien

Director: Clinical Psychiatry

Dr. Huw Thomas

MBChB, MRCPsych, MSc Psychiatry

Dr. Hanna Pruchniewska

FCPsych SA

Debbie Gill

MA (Psychology), PG Dip in Psychological Practice, PG Cert in Health Science

Matt Stevenson

Neurodiversity Coach

Marie McManaway

BSc (Hons) Equine Science
Neurodiversity Clinic Administrator

Meg Robertson

Nurse Practitioner

Karen Cooper

Doctorate in Child & Educational Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Paediatric Neuropsychology, Masters in Education, BSc Psy
Neuropsychologist / Educational Psychologist

Miro Tidswell

Master of Educational Psychology
Neurodiversity Coach

Ingrid Thomas

Neurodiversity Clinic Coordinator / Administrator

Kirsten Thorp

LLB, Coaching and Diploma Career Development
Neurodiversity Coach

Kirsty McKenzie

Diploma in Violence and Trauma Studies, Certificate in Social Sciences
Neurodiversity Coach