Wait Times

Assessments: Wait times are a little hard to establish as it depends on when we get your initial psychometric forms back. We are currently booking assessments in for mid 2024.

Medication: If it is recommended, and you would like to see a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner after your ADHD assessment, the wait time is currently around 6 months after the initial assessment.

Coaching: Wait times are a little hard to establish as it depends on the availability of our coaches. We are working hard to bring on new coaches reduce the wait time.


We do not hold a contract with any insurance companies for neurodiversity services.

You may be covered by your insurance company depending on your policy. We advise you to check your individual policy with your provider.

If you are covered, you will need to pay the invoice and claim back from them.

What happens if I don't have anyone who can complete the childhood forms?

Adult ADHD assessments

To ensure all ADHD diagnostic criteria are met, collateral support of current and childhood symptoms is required.

Information about childhood symptoms can come from caregivers/parents/siblings/extended whanau or anyone who knew you well enough to report on your symptoms during childhood.

Information about current symptoms can be provided by anyone who knows you well.

The information from collateral sources is typically gathered using a questionnaire that can be sent to the nominated person(s). 

School reports can also be highly relevant and supportive, particularly from primary school. 

Payment Plans

We invoice for each phase separately so you have the option to stop the process at any point. 

Invoices can be paid off in installments.
If you choose to do this, it is helpful for us to have an idea of the amount you can pay and when.

Assessment Phase
  • Initial psychometric forms
    • Payment is required prior to you receiving links to the psychometric forms
  • Assessment
    • Full payment is required prior to your report being sent to you
Treatment Phase
  • ​Medication Consultation
    • Full payment is required prior to your report being sent to you
  • Neurodiversity Coaching
    • Payment can be made in installments and will not affect ongoing appointments

Who does the ADHD assessments?

Adult and Child & Adolescent ADHD assessments are conducted by trained psychologists. 

Tony Morrison and Debbie Gill

What can I expect during the assessment?

It is normal to feel anxious about this step in your assessment process. However, the interview is normally an enjoyable process.

If your interview is online, please use headphones if possible as they tend to minimize feedback/noise whilst online.

The following areas will be covered during the interview:

  • Your ADHD-like symptoms how do they impact your life and when they started.

  • Any other difficulties you are having in your life, e.g. anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep, addictions, etc., and when these started.

  • Current medications

  • Medical / Psychiatric history

  • Family history - you might like to discuss with your family if anyone in your family displays any mental health difficulties and/or ADHD-like symptoms.

  • Your development - did your mother have any difficulties during your birth or did you have any difficulties as an infant.

  • Education - schooling and further education, it can be useful to have copies of school reports available

  • Work history

Next steps:

  • Upon completion of the assessment interview, there will be some feedback given.

  • Your report will be available after 7 working days and will be emailed to you once payment has been received.

  • At this time you will be given recommendations and how to implement the steps going forward following confirmation/exclusion of an ADHD diagnosis.