RANZCP Questionnaire | Clients

Continuing Professional Development Program

Multi Source Feedback: Client Questionnaire


We appreciate you completing this Patient Questionnaire as part of helping us improve our clinical practices. All responses are anonymous.


Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeNot Applicable
The doctor is reliable with appointment times *
The doctor has professional communication skills *
The doctor makes eye contact and uses appropriate body language *
The doctor listens attentively *
The doctor explains things in a manner which I am able to understand clearly *
The doctor respects my privacy and does not act improperly towards me *
The doctor explains the procedures and follow up for my treatment *
The doctor reviews the effectiveness of my treatment regularly with me *
The doctor explains any side effects of my medication to me *
The doctor explains to me what is discussed with my family or carer *
I feel the doctor understands me *
I feel the doctor works in my best interests *
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