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The Neurodivergent Woman Podcast

The Neurodivergent Woman Podcast is hosted by clinical psychologist Monique Mitchelson and clinical neuropsychologist Dr Michelle Livock.

This is a podcast that showcases neurodivergent women from all walks of life. We aim to understand their experiences and amplify their voices. We also aim to educate and inform the world about neurodivergence, from ADHD to Autism and everything in between.

We share information on neurodiversity in girls and women, how to navigate the neurotypical world, as well as interviewing women about their lived experience of neurodiversity. We cover all the important topics, from relationships and work through to latest evidence, therapeutic strategies, mental health, and identity and self expression.

This podcast is also for the families, friends, partners, bosses, colleagues, and health professionals of neurodivergent people.

How to ADHD

How to ADHD with Jessica McCabe

Have ADHD? Know someone with ADHD? Want to learn more? You're in the right place!

Most weeks I post a new video with tips, tricks and insights into the ADHD brain.

This channel is my ADHD toolbox -- a place to keep all the strategies I've learned about having and living with ADHD. It's also grown into an amazing community of brains (and hearts!) who support and help each other.

Anyone looking to learn more about ADHD is welcome here!

Russell Barkley, Ph.D.

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD Book

This channel is dedicated to disseminating the science about ADHD.

It is based on Dr. Barkley's 45 years of clinical practice, research, and teaching and his many books and scientific papers.

In 2023, he was named by as the 37th most influential researcher in the US and 65th in the world in terms of the impact of his research on psychological science as attested to by how often his research is cited by others.

He has recently retired. In anticipation of his retirement, he has created videos of more than 30 hours of his lectures that have been posted here for laypeople and professionals alike. Although the initial videos posted here are in their original length as given at conferences, most videos have now been broken down into shorter segments, numbered sequentially, and organized into playlists for ease of viewing.

Dr. Russel Barkley's webpage:

The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast

The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast

Do you need help getting your emotional health, lifestyle and health on track but not sure where to begin?

Perhaps you're newly diagnosed with ADHD and need some insights and perspectives on how you can turn your life around following this new discovery?

In this podcast series, ADHD lifestyle & wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner, mum of four and ADHD herself, Kate Moryoussef will be having conversations with global experts, thought leaders, professionals and authors about how we can harness our wellbeing to work alongside our brains and enhance our lives as women with ADHD.

So whether you're struggling with your nutrition, motivation to exercise, need help to calm your nervous system, struggle with anxiety, have found sleep difficult or simply looking for guidance on how to live a calmer and more balanced life - this podcast is for you. Kate will be bringing in a variety of guests and topics to help you live alongside your ADHD with more awareness, self-compassion and acceptance - no more self-criticism, judgement or blame - just honest, straight-talking conversations to help you live a kinder and more authentic life.

Kate Moryoussef is a women’s ADHD Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner

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