ISSC Group Work

The Nelson Clinic offers group work on a termly basis.

Anyone with an approved ACC ISSC claim and is currently engaged in ISSC therapy is eligible.

Clients can request participation by contacting their therapist and expressing interest. If appropriate, the therapist can request approval from ACC.
Please see below for the full process to register clients.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

My Body, My Balance

Process for Lead Providers

There is no deadline for Term 1, the cut off for Purchase Orders will be when classes start

1. Purchase Order Request

To arrange approval for a client to attend the group, please contact the client's recovery partner as soon as possible. You will need to provide a rationale and request the following codes be approved:

In-person classes:

  • SCGT x1
  • SCGW x12 (8x 1.5h sessions) - in person classes OR

​Online classes

  • SCGT x1
  • SCGW x 8 (8x 1h sessions) - online classes


  • Time frames: 14 February 2024 - 10 April 2024
  • Vendor ID: VAH127 (The Nelson Clinic)

This is a simple example of a rationale that could be provided:

"We would like to request approval please for this client to attend a group course run by the Nelson Clinic (VAH127), which will commence on DATE.

The aim of this would be for the client to acquire some additional skills in managing PTSD and depressive symptomatology and promote an opportunity for safe social connection to address current isolation. Could you please let me know if this can be approved for the client? They are motivated to attend this treatment, which aligns well with their current goals as outlined in the wellbeing plan".

2. Registration

When The Nelson Clinic receives the Purchase Order from ACC we will be in contact to get your client registered and to advise you of the next steps.

3. Triage

Once we have received your registration form, one of our TSY facilitators will contact your client to triage for any needs prior to commencing the group. You will be kept informed of any decisions relating to your client.