Twané Chéze-Gower

Twané Chéze-Gower, Graduate Hakomi Therapist & Final Year Conversational Model Candidate (Psychodynamic Interpersonal Model)

I take a holistic approach in assisting clients on a journey towards health and wellbeing. Importance is given to all of the aspects that make up who we are, within a container of safety where mind, body and spirit are all welcome.

Sessions (in-person or via zoom), provide a safe, confidential, judgment free environment to explore and gain insights into who we truly are, and what might be getting in the way of who we want to be, with the aim to empower individuals by freeing them from unconscious triggers or impulses, through increased self-awareness.

Therapy combines a range of effective therapeutic approaches based on each individual's unique needs, using a collaborative approach. I essentially become a guide in my client's journey of self-discovery. My approach is gentle, non-intrusive and welcoming of whatever needs a ‘voice’ or attention in any given moment.

I am a Hakomi Mindfulness Based, Somatic Psychotherapy Graduate. ( and for the past approximately 3 years, I’ve been assisting on trainings. It’s been an honour to be a part of the team supporting new students in their learning of this highly effective and beautiful model. I’m also a final year Candidate in the Conversational Model, which is offered through the Westmead University in Sydney. ( It’s an interpersonal model which also shares a client-focused approach like Hakomi. These models integrate really well together and form a strong theoretical and experiential ‘holding space’ for the work I do.

I’m Nelson based but work with clients from all over New Zealand via Zoom. It has been an absolute privilege working with individuals from all walks of life, assisting them to improve their quality of life and gaining deeper understanding into who they are and where they stand in the world.