Sally Scott

Sally Scott, BA (Psychology) B Counselling

Neurodiversity Counsellor

Sally is a warm, compassionate, approachable, friendly, and empathetic counsellor. She has lived experience with mental health, disability and parenting challenges, autism, and neurodiversity. She offers clients a safe, inclusive, calm, welcoming, respectful counselling space, and collaboratively explores the client’s challenges to enable growth and change. Sally places a high value on harnessing the client's inner wisdom, addressing their cultural and spiritual needs, and providing comprehensive support in navigating life's challenges.

Sally has experience working with a wide range of adult clients including immigrants, refugee background, tertiary students, neurodivergent, as well as, mature adults. Sally uses a variety of modalities and techniques, tailoring her approach to each client’s specific needs. She specialises in working with clients with trauma, neurodiversity, work stress/burnout, anxiety, grief and loss, chronic illnesses (including ME/CFS) or mental health challenges.

Sally also offers animal-assisted therapy with the choice of including her ‘canine assistant’, a loving labradoodle, in sessions. The presence of a caring dog can have a stabilising and calming effect on clients, especially when in distress. To relax, Sally enjoys connecting with family and friends, baking, sea swimming and watching movies.