Julie Smith

Julie Smith, Dip SW

I am a registered social worker with 14yrs experience, and a trained equine therapist (Certificates in Strengthening Wellbeing and Deepening Awareness in Equine Assisted Therapy – Horse Sense, Otaki) with 8yrs experience.

I have a broad depth of experience in social work including single parent families, family violence, out of gate assessment services (female prisoners before and after release), social workers in schools, family dispute resolution – voice of child, facilitating family violence programmes MOJ, lead agent for strengthening families, parenting through separation, family group conference advocacy.

The bulk of my experience has been in mental health, family violence and trauma and I thrive on walking alongside individuals and families to support them in strengthening their relationships, finding a way forward in life and helping them overcome any challenges.

I like to work in a client centered way and Strength based, task centered and Te whare tapa wha are just some of the modalities I like to use.

I can also offer equine assisted therapy as part my suite of skills for ages 10 plus.