Jen Holmes-Beamer

Jen Holmes-Beamer, MSc, Bachelor Kinesiology & Psychology, Post graduate trauma-informed psychotherapy certification (The Conversational Model), Yoga Therapist (IAYT), TCTSY (Trauma Sensitive Yoga) Facilitator

Developing together a safe space to explore, we can work towards connecting with and understanding your inner world (thoughts, emotions, body sensations and nervous system responses) as a pathway towards awareness, resilience and lasting healing.

Offering a holistic (whole person) approach, talk therapy can be combined with somatic therapies to support you in achieving lasting growth. I provide both short and long term psychotherapy (The Conversational Model) and EMDR (persistent pain or trauma). I facilitate both group and individual yoga therapy and Trauma-Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TC-TSY) specifically developed to support healing from complex trauma, PTSD and mental health challenges.

My training in trauma-informed psychotherapy prioritises the therapeutic relationship as the foundation of healing. Offering an empathetic and gentle approach, I provide the space for you to re-connect with your inner world, explore at your pace and restore a sense of self after trauma.