Claudia Manderson

Claudia Manderson

Social Worker/ Pedagogue, ADR practitioner/ Mediator, Pediatric Nurse, KidPower instructor

My passion to support people along their life's path is reflected in my professional journey as Pediatric Nurse, Social Worker, Mediator, Kidpower Instructor, and various voluntary roles in the social sector. I worked in addiction, mental health, youth work and family service. I am a fully registered Social Worker (SWRB) and member of the professional body ANZASW. 

Over the last 25 years I gained diverse experiences in supporting teenagers and children who are dealing with issues of anxiety, emotional regulation, self confidence, bullying or truancy and in supporting adults in parenting, mental health and relationship challenges. I also facilitate conflict management and - resolution/ mediation in relationships between adults and/ or children.
Beside these more therapeutic applications, I can offer general social work and advocacy support.

My professional approach is person centered, strength based, systemic, holistic, trauma and attachment informed. I implement elements of CBT, IFS, Systems theory, NVC (Non-Violent/ Compassionate Communication), and may include body based/ somatic practices, mindfulness, breath awareness and nature/ eco therapy using the healing powers of our natural environment. Therefore, I offer sessions indoors & outdoors.

My main focus is on listening to my clients with authentic curiosity, empathy and respect without judgement bringing self- awareness to needs, values and present realistic resources as strengths towards improved balance and well-being. I encourage transformation by looking at challenges as opportunities and invitations for change. I empower towards self-/ connection taking responsibility for yourself and interactions in life while being open to receive external support and facilitation towards living a life in more overall well-being.

I provide a safe work environment as paramount foundation for our collaborative work relationship and adhere to confidentiality and my professional codes of conducts and ethics.

I grew up in East- Germany, where I initially became a Pediatric Nurse before graduating as Social Worker/ Pedagogue. 20 years ago I moved to NZ, the home of my husband. Together we have 3 teenage children, who share our love for the outdoors. I am very grateful for the various opportunities provided by nature here in the Top of the South Island.