Ariel Reyneke

Ariel Reyneke, Master of Social Sciences, Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologist

Ariel is a registered Clinical Psychologist registered on the New Zealand Psychologists Board and a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society. She obtained her Master’s degree in South Africa, after which she worked in both the clinical mental health and forensic settings providing mental health services, including psychotherapy and cognitive/emotional needs assessment, and forensic rehabilitative treatment/assessment, to a variety of diverse populations and concerns. This included experience working with acute mental health diagnoses, mood disorders, trauma, interpersonal and relational concerns, addiction, maladaptive personality adaptations, adjustment struggles, and loss.

Ariel was trained from a psychodynamic-integrative approach- she believes that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all- but rather a unique blend of various models tailored to suit individual needs. She is also comfortable in using tenets of the cognitive-behavioural, integrative, and systems approaches, and operates very much from a person-centred, humanistic point of view.

In 2020 Ariel moved to New Zealand. Her most recent role, and current part-time position, is as a Clinical psychologist within the Department of Corrections- aimed at ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of those in their care. Ariel considers herself a passionate advocate for the mental health of those who are less able, whether due to psychosocial or socioeconomic factors, to advocate for themselves.
At this stage, Ariel is accepting referrals for young adults and adults. She is also a registered Clinical Psychologist provider with ACC.

On her days off, Ariel could be found reading a book, cooking, or enjoying a swim in the ocean.