Diane Clare

Diane Clare, MA, PG Dip Clin Psyc,

Clinical Psychologist

Diane has a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts in Psychology (with Honours) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology from Canterbury University in Christchurch completed in 1992.  She began working as a relationship and grief counsellor in 1981, joined NZ Association of Psychotherapists in 1987 having had a range of training in the field of psychotherapy and before completing her training as a clinical psychologist.  She offers an integrative approach, drawing on a selection of approaches including EMDR, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Narrative, Solution Focused and Transactional Analysis and she specialises in working with complex clinical presentations.  This includes recovery from the effects of trauma which can include managing mood, post traumatic stress and dissociation difficulties.

With her work experience since 1981 in many settings including adult mental health, primary care, intellectual disability and forensic services, she offers individual and group based therapy. She also provides training, mentoring and supervision for professionals and can provide Skype supervision if required.  She is a clinician of considerable international experience, having managed clinical services in NZ and the UK. She has received training in leadership, staff management and service development skills. Now in private practice in Nelson and in Richmond, Diane is contracting with The Nelson Clinic on Psychological Services and Sensitive Claims contracts with ACC, as well as private insurance and private pay options. 

She offers psycho-educational groups, which you may find you are eligible to attend with ACC funding.  These groups include learning skills related to managing mood, anxiety, alternatives to self-harm and coping with emotional distress.

Diane offers a warm, welcoming and supportive narrative style in working with you.