Caroline Wood

Caroline Wood, BA, B.App.Soc.Sci, (Counselling)

My name is Caroline Wood, B.Art, Bath Spa University, 1987.  B.Counselling, NMIT, Nelson, 2013

I moved to New Zealand from England in 1998 and have been in Nelson for over 20 years.

I specialize in working with trauma and PTSD caused by historic sexual abuse; You may be covered for free counselling through the ACC - they will pay for 2 initial sessions if you have been sexually abused, to discuss if you qualify for ACC funding and to learn some basic coping skills during those 2 sessions).

I work with individuals using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and skills from NLP, Hakomi and psychotherapy.  I also utilize tried and tested skills practiced by the master trauma therapists around the world with their knowledge of neuroscience.

There are some easy skills that you need to know to make life more enjoyable, and this requires professional help for your symptoms without causing re-traumatization.

I look forward to working with you.